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Fiendish decanters!
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This is a community where people running BPAL decant circles can post their circles. The moderators of this community can not be held responsible for circles that go bad, and you are highly encouraged to check the feedback on the decanter of your choice.

Rule 1: Please, no ISO's or wanted posts. There are other communities more suited to this type of post. All posts should be on topic (decant circle organization, or updates to circles already in progress). Off-topic posts may be deleted/locked on discretion of mods.

Rule 2: Please do not post the exact same circle post to both bpal_decants and sinandsalvation. You are more than welcome to host your circle on either community, but please pick one. You may host on S&S, and put a short info post here linking to your other post, or the other way around. This is to insure that you reach the maximum audience (because there are some users who only are interested in decant circles and are not on the main comms), but avoids cluttering friend-lists with multiple identical posts.

Rule 3: Any user who is found to be swaplifting will face immediate bannination. No questions. If swaplifting is suspected, posting privileges may be removed until further information comes forward, depending on the situation.