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Trunk Show Circles?


I have a 75% Trunk Angel-runner, so I'm considering two three circles, which will come only in sets, 45 + shipping and fees:

ETA: If all circles fill, price drops to 42.00 shipped in the U.S. need to talk with pick-up to determine exactly how much she wants.

Demented Delights: Scents for the Carnaval, with
1. Boomslang, v2
2. Blue Pumpkin Floss, 1/2 decant
3. Fire Dancer v9
4. Misfortune Teller v3
5. Tilt v4, 1/2 decant
6. Dead Man's Hand v8 or Butter Arsenic...haven't decided
7. Nightmarchers, v7
(odiney, thechildoftime

Bold Beauty, with
1. Amaterasu (v2 or 3)
2. Ching Shih V4
3. Dido V1
4. Hatshepsut (v11 or 3)
5. PS: Iron Parasol V1
6. Tiki Princess V3
(odiney, musichappens

Studies and Stories, with
1. Belshazzaz V3
2. BYRON (either v)
3. Haumea v1
4. Solitude w/ Pillow Book V1
5. Wobanakik  V2
6. ?

Raised price to cover the cost of runner  @_@ Would there be any interest?

ETA again: If you are interested, for the sake of getting things done as quickly as possible, please let me know:
-WHICH circle you're interested in
-Whether you can pay by 5 p.m. CT tomorrow
Please bear in mind that, while these are my intentions, bottles may run out, and I reserve the right to replace bottles as necessary [though hopefully, it won't be more than one or two :(]
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